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Stationery & Forms

In order for your business’ image to register and resonate with your target market, the message you convey through all of your business materials must be professional and consistent across all points of contact.

Corporate packaging is one of the most important marketing tactics that your business can use in order to gain credibility and establish your brand.

Managhan Design Solutions will ensure that every aspect of your business’ look is harmonized as one cohesive and consistent packaging so that your brand’s integrity is solidly maintained.

We are a full service graphic design agency catering to businesses of all sizes throughout Durham Region (Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Bomanville) and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


The creative process does not have to be difficult.

Do yourself and your business a favour by contacting Managhan Design Solutions today so we can start working together on developing a creative strategy that enhances your business’s image and maximizes its potential through high quality, attention-getting graphics.


I have always liked the look of a great business card. I had just launched a new career as a spiritual therapist and was beginning to think about ideas that would reflect my philosophy and goals. I had ideas and pictures in my mind as to what might come together as the perfect business card and logo to state what I am about but not the know how to get it done.

Then one day at the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce I met Michael Managhan from Managhan Design Solutions. We began to talk about what we do and then I was interested in his expertise at designing because he seemed to know what he was talking about, he had a good solid background in the field and a very likeable and trustworthy presentation of himself.. As I said I had ideas, images and some thought about colour.

When we finally got to sit down and begin working things out, Michael was of tremendous help in guiding me through the process of getting what I wanted on paper in a way that was what I wanted. Even in the final polishing of the design he was ever helpful with suggestions and always ready to listen to my ideas. In the end I came away with a very positive feeling for my business card and the professional way in which Michael handled himself.

Rather than being a frustrating time dealing with this project, I can say it really was a very pleasurable and rewarding experience. I feel like we created a work of art together and those that see my logo and business card are quite impressed. Overall I would say that thanks to Managhan Design Solutions as I feel very proud in handing out my business card to people. I would highly recommend Managhan Design Solutions to anyone in need of professional design solutions.

John Simpson, Spiritual Therapist